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When Osvaldo Girimonte was growing up in the Calabria region of Italy, he knew even as a young boy that his apprenticeship in the family meat business would become a lifelong passion. Through the careful teachings of his uncle, a highly respected, fourth generation butcher, Osvaldo learned the skills of meat selection, processing and preparation.

Before coming to Canada at the age of seventeen, Osvaldo apprenticed in Rome where he learned the art of procuring the choicest livestock and how to utilize every cut of meat. His hard work earned him the trust of a devout clientele who relied on his expertise to suggest innovative ways to create delicious recipes from even the most inexpensive cuts of beef and pork.

Joanne's family, also from Italy's Calabria region, immigrated to Canada when she was only six. The two eventually met and married in Toronto. In 1984, as a valued employee with Dominion Foods, Osvaldo decided, during a restructuring phase, to start what would become a thriving butcher shop in the Finch and Victoria Park area of Toronto.

In 1991, the couple launched Meaty Meats Inc. Their philosophy was simple and has not changed since opening their their meat shop over twenty years ago. "Never sacrifice quality for the bottom line." In the years to follow, Joanne's superb talent for developing delicate blends of herbs and spices along with Osvaldo's expertise as a specialized European trained butcher, led to the creation of the companies much sought after product lines. "We concentrate on creating a nutritious low fat product that is affordable for everyone and leaves customers coming back for more." says Joanne. "The most important thing to me is that the product tastes good and that it's genuine."

Today, Joanne and Osvaldo are enjoying multi-million dollar sales and have just completed a major expansion program with the opening of a brand new 15,000 square foot manufacturing and retail facility at 896 Lakeshore Road East in Mississauga, Ontario. They are fully HACCP certified by the Canadian Food Inspection Agency and pride themselves on developing delicious products with high nutritional value and quality second to none.



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