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Natural Beef Award Winning Chili

Reminiscent of summer evening’s end at twilight on the Alamo, the Meaty Eats Chili Con Carne is rich and robust, strewn with hearty vegetables and fleshy beans that satisfy even the most insatiable appetites.

Chili Con Carne is all about layering flavours.  Slow and patient stewing on the back burners of our kitchen stoves ensure only the most authentic textures and flavours.  You can taste the difference patience makes.

We start with all-natural hormone and antibiotic free beef and layer a traditional blend of spices, herbs and bountiful vegetables.  We then patiently and gently simmer the Chili the way it was intended, slowly allowing the complex flavours to meld together to become well balanced and robust.  Subtle heat from the chilli peppers warms your insides like a hug from an old friend.  Be comforted knowing that you are eating the most nutritious all-natural meal, the way it was intended.  Authentic flavours are only achieved in a kitchen were recipes can be refined and graded by the most discerning palate, not formulated in a lab.  Artificial colours or flavours and additives are never used.  Our flavour artisans are put to the test, as small batches are prepared and keenly watched to ensure that quality, nutrition and taste are never compromised.

Try a bowl today and see what time honoured tradition and patience tastes like!



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