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Natural Pork Calabrese Sausage

The Calabrese Sausage is rich and hearty in flavor and consistency with bold pronounced flavors that are piquant and robust that makes it truly authentic.  Calabria - the region in Italy for which the sausage is named – is balanced with hot sun and cool seas, much like the sausage which has a balance of spices and herbs that can only be experienced to be understood.

Prime cuts of pork are blended with a balance of simple herbs and spices to create a complex flavor that can make any meal gourmet.  Since the Calabrese Sausage is made without preservatives, fillers or artificial flavors the natural goodness and taste of the ingredients shine through. The rustic chopped pieces of pork are apparent, ready to be savored and have nothing to hide.  At Meaty Meats, we are committed to the integrity of products we produce.  We take all the necessary measures to ensure that taste, quality and nutrition are never compromised. 

Our recipes have taken years to refine and perfect.  Only a discerning palate, in a kitchen can achieve authentic flavor, not a formula in a lab. You can be confident that you are serving your friends and family old-world quality that has withstood the test of time and is resonant in our products today. 

Feel free to use some of our unique and tantalizing meal ideas found at our “Recipes” link. Many recipes can be enhanced by using the Calabrese Sausage, or it can be outstanding on its own as a main dish. Feel like a top chef in your own kitchen tonight by putting together meals you can be proud of. 



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