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Natural Sweet and Spicy Chicken Sausage

Gently spiced, with a perfect balance of sweetness, the Sweet and Spicy Breakfast Sausage will become an instant weekend breakfast classic. 

Developed with tireless attention to detail by our flavor experts, the recipe has been refined over years of development to ensure that you are serving those you care about the very best tasting and nutritious meal.  We start with only the best chicken.  Prime cuts of all-natural chicken - free of hormones, antibiotics and animal by-products - are seasoned to perfection by our artisans.  All of our meats are hand cut to by skilled craftsmen that are dedicated to their art, not on a production line, so we can give all of our attention to detail The perfect blend of spices and herbs are married with just the right amount of sweetness to balance the flavor so you get the best taste bite after bite. 

All of our blends are done in-house, never pre-mixed.  The homemade flavors that you know and love are obtained in a kitchen, not formulated in a lab.  That is how we ensure the very best ingredients go into what we make.  We can keep our watchful eye on every step of production.  That is why we mix in small batches.  Our products are produced in our state of the art, federally accredited facility.  You deserve the very best in every meal you serve.  Start your day with our finest Sweet and Spicy Chicken Breakfast sausage. 

Use it in your own recipes or use it as a main dish by using one of our helpful recipes…



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