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Meaty Meats Natural Mexican Chorizo Sausage

The Mexican Chorizo is a Mariachi Band of flavor. Tangy, piquant and rustic spices dance around all natural prime cuts of pork.  A true celebration of the marriage of authentic Mexican spices artistically blended to produce one of our most unique products.

It has taken the flavor specialists at Meaty Meats years to perfect the Mexican Chorizo. Selecting the right ingredients to embody the true taste of Mexico in every bite was a labor of love.

Specially selected old-world Mexican herbs and spices sing to the melody of all natural pork that is free of antibiotics and hormones.  No fillers, artificial flavors or preservatives are ever used – only the best of time-honored traditional flavors of the Mexican Chorizo are resonant.  No compromise on quality is ever made – only our best is suitable for your table. All of the Meaty Meats products are processed in our state-of-the-art federally accredited facility. Our pork is hand cut by dedicated artisans that live for their craft, not on a production line were attention to detail can be lost.  Our Recipes are tested and perfected in our own kitchens where only true authentic tastes can be achieved, not doctored in a scientific lab.  You’ll know it when you taste it.  

Add the authentic taste of Mexico to any dish tonight with the Mexican Chorizo.  Be adventurous and create something new or feel free to try one of our tantalizing recipes.



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