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Natural Pork Chops

Supple, moist and tender, the Meaty Meats Pork Chop is only as good as the livestock from which it is cut.  Only well treated, all-natural pork is fit to be called a Meaty Meats Pork Chop.

It takes years to foster solid, lifelong relationships with local farmers.  Only Trust and integrity are paramount when producing food for your loved ones.  At Meaty Meats, we’ve taken the time to make sure that our pork chops meet only the highest standards – yours. What you think is most important to us, and we strive to exceed this goal in all that we do.

This is why we only use all-natural pork.  Antibiotics or growth hormones are never used.  The livestock is always fed premium grain or grasses and it never comes into contact with feed that contains animal by-products.  This is why our pork chop’s quality speaks for itself – only the natural flavor and goodness shines through without being masked by preservatives, artificial colors or flavors. You can feel confident knowing you are serving only the best to those you care about. All of the Meaty Meats products are processed in our state-of-the-art federally accredited facility. Our pork is hand cut by dedicated artisans that live for their craft, not on a production line were attention to detail can be lost. 

Try our succulent pork chops tonight.  You will be thrilled with the results!  Try it in a classic family recipe or click our recepie link to try one of ours



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